Friday, February 8


Hockney is one of those painters I can't shake. Like Elizabeth Peyton or Alex Katz, I want to look at his pictures all the time. I want one in my house. I aspire to have a Hockney. He is prolific, intensely curious and in his work he is constantly exploring-- new media, new subjects, new techniques. If I had the money, I'd definately want something of his that I could look at every day.


Twisty said...

Happy Valentine's late. Saw The Magic Flute a couple of weeks ago...Hockney did the sets and costumes. It was a trip. Little magical animals included. Hope you guys are swell.
Twistine adn Ramon

Modern Craft said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Twisty (and Ramon)
--I'd love to see Hockney's art on a big set. Heck, I'd love to go see a show sans les enfants any day! Miss you.