Thursday, August 30

ALEX KATZ Screenprints

One of my favorite printmakers. The top portrait is silkscreened and the buildings piece is an aquatint called New Year’s Eve. The boy with open mouth is Katz's son, Vincent, and is a painting. Alex’s prints are still affordable, even as he becomes more ensconced as a major contributor to the movement of the 70s and 80s. I’m always drawn to portraiture of any kind and love Katz’s scale and simplicity. His prints are impressions of his subjects --a glance, a motion -- just as a silhouette captures a brief look of a person, so Katz’s work strikes me as a sketch, but I love the colors and boldness of it. Alex's website.

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molly said...

im a huge lover of katz's work--bought a postcard of what might have been his son in a blue striped shirt ages ago. so glad you're highlighting him here.