Wednesday, February 6

Jacaranda Home

I've seen these textiles pop up here and there-- as featured in different magazines and even in a friend's house-- but someone recently pointed me to this on-line store (via More Ways to Waste Time). Jacaranda Home is a really interesting site of handmade goods from Mexico and South America, including these textiles that I think are really great. 100% natural cotton canvas, thread and coloring. From their website: "These beautiful embroideries are handmade by Mexican Otomi Indians. Help sustain an old tradition in jeopardy of extinction. One can take up to three months to make!" Beautiful objects-- beautiful craft.


Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I normally don't participate in these meme things but recently I was tapped for a "make my day" award and because I like the idea of giving a shout out to our favorite blogs I decided to pay it forward this time around. Modern Craft is definitely one of my new favs so there you have it! Thanks for all the happy treats you feature on your site.

And please, feel no obligation to participate in this. More than anything, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your lovely blog! Best, Birdie

Modern Craft said...

Birdie-- Wow-- that is amazing. Thank you! Thank you for writing, for visiting my blog, and for the high compliment of being a new favorite of yours! I never know if there's anyone "out there" or not so I'm extremely pleased to hear from you and especially in such a positive way. That was very kind of you and I'm really touched! Jim