Monday, August 6

Letterpress Galore

When you look at the stationery world these days, letterpress is everywhere. As a techinique, I find it so appealing. I remember seeing it demonstrated at Bowne & Co. on South Street Seaport in 1991. Until then, I assumed it was a dead techinique, but soon found a cottage industry of devotees. Then, the digital revolution happened in the printing world, the PDF was introduced, and US printers unloaded their equipment by the droves on eBay. You can still find presses without too much difficulty. But now, there is so much letterpress out there, and I think so much that looks the same, that I was relunctant to post any examples. Still, it's a great craft so I'm going to show a few cards from one of my favorite letterpress companies: Seraph Stationery. Letterpress is often used in a sweet "precious" way so I love Seraph's humor and modern language to offset this very old process. My other recommendation is Pie Bird Press, a California company who's cards resemble screen prints. Beautiful colors and subjects.

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