Wednesday, August 1


This is comapny is one of my favorites. I first met Katharine in New York three years ago and she knocked my socks off. By then, however, I was already a fan, having bought my wife a Hable Construction bag earlier. Although the company makes many different textile products, from stationery to felt wool Christmas stockings (we have two of those too!), it's their rugged hand-screened canvas that I like the most. I think their most successful design is the simplest: beads. Most designs are one color, silkscreened on canvas. Simple and beautiful. From Hable's website:

Named after their great-grandfather’s road construction business formed in the early twentieth century, sisters Susan and Katharine Hable founded Hable Construction in 1998. Katharine, a born saleswoman, and Susan, an artist with a unique hand and vision, always valued the construction of the well made and the integrity of old world tradition and craft. Susan’s textile designs were interpreted into hand-screen-printed cotton canvas and linen fabrics in an old New England printing factory. Unlike the early collections, available yardage enabled the creation of products that withstood the test of time, such as pillows, tote bags, and home accessories.

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