Tuesday, July 31

8mm IDEAS Stationery

I met Molly Meng this past May at the New York Stationery Show, where she was introducing a new line of cards and stationery items. She has a great design sense and intermixes vintage ephemera with a modern aestethic. Her humor is clever, and I like the play on old materials mixed with these little pencil drawings. She has a full line that you can see at 8mmideas.com but what got my attention was a single group of cards, three of which I'm showing here.


molly said...

wow, thank you.
my sis just sent me your site (which i dig immensely! and want to link to on my little blog). i'm excited to keep checking in with you!

Modern Craft said...

Molly-- thanks for the good words-- I really like your site and your cards are really really cool.