Friday, October 2

Found My Animal

We've been thinking about getting a dog. Well, Elsa has been thinking about getting a dog and although I thought it was a passing interest, she asks me nearly every day. If, and I stress IF, that happens, this will be my first stop. Found My Animal is a Brooklyn business run by Bethany Obrecht that makes beautiful rope leashes for adopted animals and their people. They give part of the profits to the Louis Animal Foundation to help raise awareness of the urgent need for animal adoption. The custom-made rope used for the leashes and leads is a unique and durable alternative to leather. Each rope is hand-spliced by professional New England rope-makers. The collars are 100% cotton canvas coated with wax. Very attractive and smart and best of all, you're helping put the focus on a good cause. Handmade in the US.

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guilty noodles said...

don't do it. do you know much work it is? don't get me wrong, i love our dog, but family life is so busy, there's little time left for the pooch... or at least wait until the kids are older.

you have other options. 1. foster a dog and you'll get first dibs on adoption if it ends up working out. also, it's a nice alternative to seeing how the kids are with a dog. 2. head to chicago canine rescue and volunteer to walk the dogs on weekends. most dogs in shelters are exactly that, dogs who don't get out of their crates or much love. spending an hour with a one or a couple dogs would fulfill your furry friend needs and you pat yourself on the back for a little volunteer work.