Monday, February 23

Alyoisius Screenprints

I love these screenprints from Alyoisius, a London artist living in Sydney. I especially like the American Indian themes-- I'm part Cherokee myself and I love the mix of "native" and hip here. I especially like the use of halftones in screenprints, another great thing he (ugh, SHE) does here. See his (oops, HER) blog and a website featuring his (er, HER) commissioned work.


Kate said...

Thankyou so much for posting about my screenprints. I am, actually, very much a lady and from now on will make more of an effort to prove it!
Thanks again
Kate (Alyoisius)

Modern Craft said...

Kate-- Forgive my ignorance! I just assumed Alyoisius is a boys name and well, I shouldn't do that. Thanks for being such a good sport! Jim

Kate said...

HAHA! love the updated version..... my friends have been singing "dude looks like a lady" thanks to you.
Its named Alyoisius after my dad.
Thanks again fro your lovely post.

JEM 'n Tonic said...

This bottom screen print is an instant eye catcher. Anything with a sixties space / scifi influence is Awesome!