Tuesday, January 20

The Obama Art Report

This site is a collection of some amazing art inspired by our newest president. He's touched so many, and these responses--quilts, paintings, mosaics, etc-- are touching and energetic and amazing.


Sarah said...

The Obama Craft Project - http://obamacraftproject.com - has been posting Obama-related crafts for many months. In fact, many of the "craft" items that the Obama Art Report has posted were first published on the Obama Craft Project site. Like the Obama campaign, the projects published on OCP are created by ordinary people, inspired to create change in our nation.

Modern Craft said...

Thank you Sarah-- I wasn't aware of the Obama Craft Project site and am so happy to hear about another organized effort to showcase the original and sincere creations of regular folks responding to Obama. Thank you.

Pascale said...

I live in Paris and on one of my walks through Paris I discovered this little art gallery with an Obama exposition. Check it out! http://dorothysgallery.com/2008/09/19/exposition-barack-obama/