Monday, January 26

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson is a British designer with an odd sense of humor-- that's "ha-ha odd" not "offputting and uncomfortable odd." She makes little fox-like creatures and puts them in cardboard sets, then takes their pictures and sells the results as a set of five cards. Can't beat it. I love people who create their own worlds. Also, I like her tea towels and pillows. See for yourself.


orange you lucky! said...

That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while!
Dry dishes with my hair...he he:)
Thanks for this!

Kate said...

I love these! The little drawings remind me of Tim Burton's sketches (which is probably why I like them so much!)

Joslyn said...

oh these are great...v. cool.

Maaret said...

I love her work, too. Really great!