Tuesday, October 14

Elizabeth Peyton

Now open at the New Museum on Manhattan's Lower East Side is a show of 100 works of one of my favorite painters, Elizabeth Peyton. Peyton paints small canvases, not much larger than the faces she depicts, of people she cares about-- some she knows personally, others are celebrities she admires from afar. I love her impressionistic style, and the large, action-packed brush strokes that she uses. Somehow the large strokes on these small paintings make them seem exuberant, alive, and vital. She is one of those people I feel I know. If you're in New York, go see this for me as I won't be there before it closes on January 11. Read a review here.


Joslyn said...

there's a slight possibility i'll be in NYC for work in november...i'll for sure go...i love elizabeth peyton.

Modern Craft said...

joslyn-- I hope you do-- it's such an extensive view of her work-- I bet it'll be great.