Wednesday, September 10

Scott Hansen

These newly printed posters (hand-signed digital press prints) are visually stunning. Capturing the design sense of the 1970s, this San Francisco artist says "Design, to me, is the search for efficiency. Efficiency in conveying a message, efficiency of form." I love his cool graphics and his love of conveying messages through powerful and bold forms-- he embraces a pre-internet, pre-television world where communication was left to designers.


mundania horvath said...

Nice post on Scott Hansen!
I just received one of his lovely
posters in the mail and am I'm
going to hang it above my desk for
constant inspiration.

ps. I Love this blog!

orange you lucky! said...

These are beautiful!
Would love to have one of each, but especially 'sveska'.

molly said...

How wonderful his color choice...

jobindas said...

very nice blog develop your ideas