Tuesday, September 9

Donna Ruff

NY artist Donna Ruff creates incredible pieces by burning paper. These Burn Drawings are tightly controlled events of chaos-- she directs the intricate destruction of extremely fragile materials. I love the mix of chaos and exactitude these represent-- fire and aesthetics. "Throughout history," she writes, "subversive texts have been burned, both as protest and as misguided protection of social mores. And yet, we speak of something being burned into our memory, as if the violence of the act solidifies its familiarity." Beautifully done. You can see more of Ruff's work and read more on her site.


A Girl Can Always Dream said...

I was just in an artist residency with Donna and I agree - her work is beautiful!

Glenn said...

Her work really makes one push the boundaries associated with paper and it's common use. Very inspiring work.

Twisty said...

These are really amazing. So delicate. Here's another artist who has incredible control with a torch and paper, Helen Altman. She currently has a 10 year survey of her work up at the Galveston Arts Center.