Friday, September 12

It's a Cinch

Ready Made magazine, one of my favorites, is featuring this make-your-own stool using old belts. I love the idea of repurposing leather belts-- they have a natural sheen and wear that gives them interest and a vintage feel. This is a great project.

Secondly, this reminds me of the beautiful mats I saw at International Contemporary Furniture Fair this year in New York. Ting Home, a London-based design company makes these outstanding floor coverings from used belts. They fashion them into 12 x 12 square tiles, then assemble the tiles in alternating directions. Again, the wear gives them a natural interest and shine.

So go buy some belts!


sarahelizabeth said...

Beautiful! Great way to repurpose

molly said...

i was just feeling terrible that i'd sent all my old belts to the thrift store...but then saw your last sentence and thought: yes! i can go to the thrift store and buy more! i love the stool idea, i love the idea of using the leather in other ways too.