Friday, May 23


I cannot say enough about this London-based design company. Their Leather Collection (floor covering shown above) was one of the most interesting things I saw at this year's ICFF. Using salvaged vintage leather belts, they've created this beautiful, glossy, hard-wearing surface which is available in 12x12 squares for roughly $88 (US). Bergdorf Goodman selected TING's flooring to show on their Men Store Window and Third Floor exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICFF. No wonder-- this is a fantastic idea that they've executed beautifully. The result is an interesting high-end floor covering (but you could use it for restaurant menu covers, wallets, purses, etc) that really impressed me. Thanks Inghua!


KB said...

I love this idea and this floor so much I'm about to explode...At first glance I thought it was a an ancient carved floor. Love it! I have seen leather tiles but to recycle belts like this! Fantastic!
I went to their website but did not see this particular item. I am brand new to this blogging business and frankly not so good at it yet!I am learning bit by bit. I'd love to link this item on the belts and mention your site. Your blog is fantastic by the way- very inspirational.It is now in my favorites. I found it through housemartin. Well done.

Gillian said...

Fabulous! I love it just as a work of art. Isn't it great when recycling really works.