Tuesday, May 6

Adonde Stoneware Collection

First of all, they're from France. Figures. This stoneware collection is smart, versatile, and entirely based on a modular design, so that each piece stacks and one piece can become the lid for another. The stoneware’s enamel is hand-applied and made entirely from all-natural minerals. I love the off-white pieces mixed with the dark. The coordinating utensil set has a pared-down aesthetic and is crafted from sustainable wood from well-managed forests. Gotta love them. See more here.


Joslyn said...

i'd love an entire set of these beauties...started to covet them the minute i opened my latest DWR catalog.

Carlos said...

These are beautiful, I own a few, their design is incredible in all aspects.

Stoneware Mugs said...

They are great collection of stoneware. I love the colors because they gives the feeling of calm.