Tuesday, January 29

Roy McMakin on modern craft

I've admired this green staircase often. I imagine it in my house. Living and working in Seattle, McMakin produces furniture pieces and architectural additions, all with an artist's approach to craft and a sometimes shock of color. There is a warmth to these pieces-- a meticulous perfection. He cleverly uses scale and materials to call out the new. "I think craft is a very interesting thing...By definition, craft is just the process of the making of something-- that's craft with a big "c." And it can either be highly finished or rough." (The staircase is from a private residence, 2005. The coffee table is maple, oak, elm, steel, and leather from 2000 and the writing table and chair is from 2004, painted eastern maple.) McMakin's studio.

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Architecture Is said...

Very nice work Roy; and sensibility. I always appreciate another take on craft in the theoretical sense and appropriation to the way we build today.