Monday, October 29


McLaren is an illustrator and designer living and working in London. I found this Flickr site through Julia Rothman’s blog book-by-its-cover. (That's right-- not only is Julia the designer behind some fantastic illustrations and patterns, but she also has a blog!) I like Joe’s illustration style so much—it reminds me of Warhol’s drawings and the paintings of Alexander Girard. A real pleasure to see. Go to the show!


molly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! i also really like that your blog is getting out there, I keep seeing it mentioned on blogs I really dig. said...

Thanks Molly-- I appreciate the feedback! It's a blast connecting with people who have similar tastes--

seamouse said...

Joe's not only a huge talent but a true gent too.

Cool Blog by the way! keep it up!