Friday, September 7


Lena Corwin lives in Brooklyn and works as a textile designer and illustrator. Having worked for Marithé + François Girbaud, Calvin Klein, and Jill Stuart, she now designs her own products and freelances for a variety of companies. Her melamine plates are the best. Melamine has a easy-use feel, slightly vintage feel to it and works perfectly with Lena’s illustration style.

Melamine remains a very economical product and I'm glad to see it re-emerge as a material designers work with. Contrary to many production techniques I feature, you’re going to need a factory to produce these plates. Melamine is used with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a thermosetting material that becomes very rigid during the heat and pressure of production. A similar method is used to produce formica counter tops.

Lena has a lot to offer. Check out her amazing designs. Go to Lena’s Shop.

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Lena said...

hi there
thanks so much for writing about my work. i'm glad to have found your blog. i really like the focus on production. i'll be bookmarking now...