Wednesday, September 26


If you’re like me, you’ll buy anything covered in bookcloth. I’m happy to see the resurgence of this material in design. Bookcloth is versatile, wears well, and looks great, but is expensive.
So if you're in Sweden, as I was not long ago, you must go straight to the Bookbinders Design store. They specialize in unique stationery and home products, many covered in bookcloth, and created with superior craftsmanship. They even had a hand-embossing machine in the store so you could foil stamp your albums on site. I really had to resist buying too much. Like KOLO in the US (albums top left), but broader, with a great range of colors and products. This is a wonderful material for handmaking books, bindings, or covering boxes, etc. Boothcloth boxes top right by CB2.

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Anonymous said...

great post. I used to live in Stockholm and loved the Bookbinders Design store. I was looking for something like that in the US and found your post. So now I'm checking out Kolo. Thanks!