Thursday, March 29

David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw is a UK artist whose work really appeals to me. I've always found the mixture of text and images especially interesting, as they typically reveal multiple meanings. Maybe this is why I find pop art and even advertising (ala Paul Rand) so intriguing.

David works as a freelance artist making a continual body of drawings, paintings, objects and books. His work has been applied to a variety of contexts, including illustration, graphic design and theatre set design. David describes his work as:

"somewhere between the representation of a thing, and the thing itself. I am interesed in double meanings and contradictions. I enjoy the human touch and all the mistakes that come with it. I often work directly onto objects I find, therefore I am not always in full control of what I make, this is very important to me, and I see this as a dialogue between myself and the ever changing environment around me. My work changes day-to-day and is influenced by a multitude of things. expressing ideas and the environments and conditions in which the ideas exist."

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