Friday, March 30

Big Style in a Coaster

These stylish coasters are made by a Hong Kong company called Oni. Although the company is now defunct, I gather a lot of inspiration from their product-- Simply made from two pieces of cotton, the top piece is silkscreened in a 1-color ink and then sewn to the backer. Silkscreening is so cheap and yet so underrated as a process. These squares are simple, absorbant, easy-to-clean, and strong-- once again proving that good design is about thought and simplicity. They retailed for less than $2 each and I'm hoarding a dozen of them.


Anonymous said...

Can you point me in the direction to where I can find something like these -- they are very cool! I've been obsessed w/ them ever since I saw them here! Thank you! said...

I wish I knew where you could get these. The store where I bought them went out of business and I've looked at other places without much luck. The closest I've seen is at HABLE CONSTRUCTION ( Good luck!