Friday, September 25

Maira Kalman

It's my favorite Friday of the month, when artist Kalman publishes her once-a-month blog in the NYTimes.


Twisty said...

Thanks for reminding us to read Maira's blog. I wish Houston had residents who cared so much and wrote such wonderful love letters to our fair town.

Anonymous said...

Sweet and quirky, and I love this! Thanks for the tip.

Hey, Twisty, I'm only an hour away from Houston!! (I never go there because the traffic is so bad, which is a shame because it's such an awesome city.) :-)

Shari Lidji said...

My infatuation with Maira began with her children's books. I loved them as much as my kids. The one she wrote and illustrated after 9/11 is lovely. Hi Twisty, Houston is an incredible city. I've had the pleasure of living there twice. Have a great day all.