Monday, August 10

Iris Hantverk Workshop

When I was growing up, we had the Fuller Brush man. His name was Walter, I believe, and he came to our house periodically to sell us brooms and brushes. I was reminded of the specialized brushes he used to bring when I saw this Swedish company. Using the same techniques for over 100 years, the Iris Hantverk Workshop handcrafts beautiful hardwood brushes with natural bristles that are hand wired in place, hence the "stitching" you see on several models. Excellent examples of the Scandinavian ideal of beautiful, everyday objects, these brushes are designed with both beauty and utility in mind. The company employs visually impaired artisans to handcraft these high-quality products using traditional methods. Iris Hantverk also thinks it is important that the brushes are pleasing to the eye. Top designers are employed to ensure this. Available online here or at the wonderful Portland store, Canoe.

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