Monday, June 1 is ReMade

I love ReadyMade magazine and always find it to be a great mix of the doable and the inspirational. Kari and I were thrilled to be in the January issue this year. But their online presence was always a bit drab. Enter Katherine Sharpe, the new online editor who has updated the website and added a blog, which I have to say is the only place I've found a decent discussion of the ICFF show this year. Katherine vows to bring back ReadyMade to its cool, funny old self, and I couldn't be happier to pass this news on to you. Check out projects, resources, and more. (Photo by Winni Wintermeyer of a chair project from super smart Thomas Wold.)


Joslyn said...

jim -- i just looked at the spread in modern craft. the house looks more stunning than ever! congrats! so, so cool.

Katherine said...

Somehow I just stumbled across this mention. (OK, it was't 'somehow,' it was Technorati.) Thank you so much! Please stay in touch and let us know what's working for you and what isn't. Things are definitely evolving and we value all feedback.