Wednesday, June 24

Partners & Spade

In the spirit of Kiosk, there is now Partners & Spade, a new store I want to visit in NYC. This is really a curated thrift shop-- a gallery of the cool everyday-- a pop art flea market. The brainchild of Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti, you can find the odd and interesting here. And you can even hire the stylemakers themselves-- they offer services from making you a finch aviary to creating a "post confidence trophy" for anything you wish you'd been recognized for in the past. Put it on your shelf. No one will know.

And like Kate Bingaman-Burt, they've illustrated their inventory with this intriguing line drawing. Don't you love line drawings? So, there's really no choice but to pay them a visit and see what a "Framed Yellow Book" or a "Flood Scene Book"or a "Pink Paper Hat" really looks like. Go to 40 Great Jones St, (between Lafayette and Bowery) 646-861-2827.

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