Thursday, June 4

Area Rug Bug

I think rugs are very difficult. You can rarely find one that isn't the same old same old and when you do, it's usually trying too hard. This rug, from Area Rug Bug is a nice subtle change from the overcolored and overdone. The non-symmetrical design would make any room more interesting.


d said...

hmmm.... I wonder if they've ever seen this:

also reminds me a bit of thomas campbells waves (though lets face it, waves are a kinda generic thing)

Twisty said...

Lovely. I wish you could see the beautiful rugs that Randy Twaddle is making in Houston. He has an odd fixation with electrical lines and transformers and has been making amazing, large-scale charcoal drawings of them for years. He recently commissioned a custom rug patterned from one of his drawings and is now working on launching a line. Not sure if this Facebook page is available for all to see, of his rugs -I can't find any other photos online.

Ross said...

Spacify has a collection of Modern Rugs with an array of modern designs. Each has its own great look that will find a way to enhance your home.