Wednesday, May 20

Paul Burgess

Paul Burgess is a freelance illustrator and designer in Brighton England. He's done some beautiful work for Penguin Books, Elle, MTV, Harper Collins and more. I love his play with images and his collages here. You can see more of his portfolio on his site.


Twisty said...

Love these. The last collage reminds me of a fun website that I found YEARS ago, where you can build your own digital collage, post it and even invite friends to attend your exhibition opening. So happy to see it it still up and running. Hope you have fun with The Pop-O-Matic!

kitsch café said...

wow, cool! i love his graphic style. thanks for sharing!

Modern Craft said...

Oh I totally forgot about the old pop-o-matic. What a great idea that site is-- very fun.