Wednesday, April 8

Stanley Marcus

Known the world over as an innovative retailer and tastemaker who combined art / music / fashion into the merchandising and packaging of luxury goods at the family's store, Neiman-Marcus, Stanley Marcus was also a talented photographer. A collection of his work was published last year called Reflections of a Man, and it's fascinating and beautiful. Like the socialites Slim Aarons, Dominic Dunne, or Alexander Liberman, Marcus's work documents his worldly travel and weekends spent in country houses, and his use of color and framing is the perfect package, so to speak. He understood merchandising like few ever would, and these photos are like little campaign ads--and believe me, you will buy whatever he's selling. THANKS MOM for buying this books for me!


Twisty said...

Mr. Stanely's daughter, Jerrie Marcus Smith and grandaughter, Allison V. Smith (an amazing photographer herself) edited and produced this book. It is absolutely beautiful! The mirror-like metallic cover is stunning and turns the camera back on you, the viewer. It is one I know I will spend hours with my niece on the sofa flipping and imagining.

Twisty said...

Oh aaannnnd.....Happy Birthday Month!

molly said...

yes, thanks mom.
it's your birthday?
me too!
happy birthday!