Thursday, January 15

Bestiary Ink

Drawing inspiration from antique woodcuts, children's literature, contemporary photography and the natural world, Blair Lambert uses pen and ink to create these beautiful artworks. I love the detailed line work in these pieces-- it reminds me of several great illustrators of the 70s like Peter Parnall, illustrator of Doctor Rabbit (one of the children's books I managed to hold on to). See more of Lambert's work in her shop, called Bestiary Ink.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything better than beautifully done line-ink drawings?? So pretty!

Enchanted Royals said...

Exactly up my alley. Thank you for sharing! Have a look at Kareena Zerefos, I think you will like her if you don't already-

Twisty said...

Small world! I was at a friend's today and we were talking about artist made goods and she mentioned a mutual friend's neice who made these lovely illustrated cards...when she showed them to me, they sure looked familiar. Where were they from? Bestiary Ink. My favorite was of a little mouse dipping into a high ball. "Mice love cocktails." You are so hip, Mr. Jim. Thanks for introducing us to such wonderful stuff.