Friday, December 12

The Oxford Project

This is the portrait of Oxford, Iowa, from photographer Peter Feldstein, who photographed every resident of this midwestern town. That was twenty something years ago, and now he's gone back to photograph the same folks again and to update their stories. You can see the side by side photos of these residents in his new book The Oxford Project. I love this type of time travel-- just like the 7 Up, 14 Up etc movies where one documentarian revisits the same group of people every seven years to learn how life has changed them, molded them, moved them. Read more about this project here.

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molly said...

i love that 7up project. i especially love how strangely twisted it gets as the years go on and some of them are down right bothered by being updated, but still feel an obligation. what a strange, almost exotic, voyeristic (sp?) trip it is for the rest of us, right?