Thursday, October 16

Place Space

Place Space by Todd Oldham is an innovative new design series that explores brilliant, unique places and the obsessive people who create them. Published four times per year, this magazine includes pull out posters, postcards, and an essay by such luminaries as Michael Graves, Amy Sedaris, Camille Paglia and Cindy Sherman. Volume themes include: Going inside iconoclastic filmmaker John Water's home, visiting the surreal recreation of the Flintstone's Bedrock City, exploring the off-kilter off-campus housing of art students at the Rhode Island School of Design, and seeing the inspired design oasis of "Camp Nest." Recently named by Wallpaper Magazine as the "#1 Design Masterpiece to Treasure for 2008." You can get yours here. $20.

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molly said...

ohmy, a new design magazine to DIE for! thank you!