Wednesday, August 13

Paul Fusco

In this series of photographs taken by Paul Fusco as he rode on the train that carried Robert Kennedy's body back to Massachusetts, you can see the pain and sorrow of a country. To many, Kennedy's death represented the "end of hope." Riding the train, Fusco began taking pictures of the mourners-- people from all walks of life. From the press release: "The resulting images are one of the most powerful and affecting series of photographs ever taken. Shot on Kodachrome film – a film with a particularly vibrant palette favored at the time by photojournalists – Fusco's pictures blend the spontaneous look of snapshots with artistic precision of the decisive moment."

You can see RFK FUNERAL TRAIN REDISCOVERED at Danziger Projects, NYC.

2 comments: Maegan said...

these are one of my FAVORITE groups of photos. The top images is my FAVORITE. Great post.

molly said...

jim, this is a beautiful find. Danzinger is such a fabulous spot, of course they would have this show.