Thursday, May 8

Xenia Taler at Urban

I've written about artists Xenia Taler and Steven Koblinsky and their tile art before, but now Urban Outfitters has turned two of their tiles into framed wood boards. You can buy this charming piece of wall art-- a reproduction, complete and ready to hang-- for $20 or less, a substantial savings over the actual tiles.


ceVec said...

I love her tiles! I assume, at this price point, these are not actual tiles? Has anyone seen these in person yet?

The Bitter Foodie said...

I have, and the quality is surprisingly good for this price point.

It's a funny coincidence I actually noticed these as well.

ceVec said...

Thanks! I had just scanned the UO site earlier that day and was excited to see these, so finding a little more info here was great.