Wednesday, May 14

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Looking through CS Interiors this month, I saw Tracy Kendall's wallpapers, some of which I've seen before, but I like these new book and magazine stacks. I don't know why, I have plenty of books as it is, but I love these virtual stacks. Kendall is British and showed at this year's Design 100% show, but has been gathering attention for a decade. "I’m not trying to mass-produce anything – I want [my work] to convey a strong idea but not to dominate the room so much that that there is not room for anything else. The wallpaper designs I produce are all starting points ..." The wallpapers are all hand-produced.

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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome wallpaper! I am newbie to your blog and I love what I see. I will definitely be coming back! Keep up the good work!