Thursday, May 22


The ICFF show was great. One of the companies I was anxious to see was Nani Marquina, the Barcelona-based rug company. At this year's show, they included these new textile containers called "Potten," (designed by Renske Papavoine) which are all handmade in Bhopal, India. This community was at the center of a tragic toxic gas leak in 1984, which killed 7000 people and affected half a million more. The Bhopal Rehabilitation workshop makes these containers in an attempt to help the citizens with opportunities for work and free trade.

Several fabrics are sewn together to make the body of the container, then covered in latex. The result is a very touchable, pliable pot that you can fill with just about anything. I think these are fantastic. Now available through NY's Conran Shop as part of its exhibit of Spanish design (through June 8). More Nani Marquina to come.

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