Monday, May 12

Nosheen Saima

Not long ago, the very talented Nosheen Saima left a comment on Modern Craft and being curious, I clicked over to the website. I was amazed at her work. Noshii has a shop with some beautiful examples of embroidery onto wood. The top pictures are ash veneer wood pieces printed with a limited edition blue woodcut, embroidered. The bottom pictures are from her project for the HERMES store in Highland Park, Dallas-- a large horse embroidered onto four panels that is currently in the store window. I'll be in Dallas right after the NY Stationery Show, and I may have to go see this horse. Just beautiful. You can see more in Noshii's etsy shop.


TPDesign said...

Wow! That horse is amazing! I live in the Dallas area, I need to check that out.

If you want to see some more amazing Dallas artists check out the Etsy Dallas Street Team.

nosheen said...

Thanks for posting about me :)
Unfortunately i just found out that they changed the window installation but i will have new images of the shop front on my blog.