Thursday, May 29

The Infinite Library

I'm fascinated by this work. The Infinite Library is a project by Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda. They buy vintage books and reassemble them into various arrangements. They often draw geometric shapes over the photos. From their site: "The book objects are each made from pages of existing books removed from their bindings and rebound as one. Some of these series loosely relate to each other via a third element: geometrical shapes abstracted from the images, computer-edited, and overprinted on the originals. The disparate image stocks become intertwined and open on one another. . . In so doing, they yield a library that defies conventional categorization."

I love the collage aspect of this work and the images themselves are beautiful and compelling.

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molly said...

that is truly a beautiful idea. gads, people think of the greatest things in this world...