Tuesday, May 27


Molly Meng is one of the coolest people I've ever met. Funny, wry, smart, and enormously energetic, it was a pleasure to spend time talking with her at this year's show. From her site: "Cards, for me, are the romantic, slightly shy, and truly sentimental way of showing someone how I feel. Sure, I could hire a plane and tie a banner off the back, but cards are much more cost effective and you’re almost assured of the person actually SEEING it." I think her work is just as terrific as she is. Just take a look! (I've featured her work before here.)

I will have to tell you about her sister too, but another day. Molly's new series of cards featuring silhouettes of US states and their mottos is terrific. The mottos have an optimistic, nearly poetic quality that appeals to the best in all of us. And this is the sensibility I find throughout Molly's work-- unique and wonderful. You can read her blog too, here.

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my love for you. said...

oh molly is just the best! .love her. the very first person i met in the blog world...via email of course!