Tuesday, March 4

New work: Port2Port Press

The art and artistry of Maria at Port2Port Press is well crafted and beautiful. Her design sensibility is very fine and I like the simplicity but stark beauty of what she creates. New in her shop are these letterpress cards, a collaboration wiht Scottish artist Natalie Tweedie.

In addition, Maria has launched a Photographs & Drawings project, in collaboration with Swedish artist Elisabeth Dunker. This series, called Levitate/Sväva is made up of three entirely different pieces (sold separately) featuring Maria's photographs paired with drawings by Dunker. These drawings were made just for these photographs and then silk-screened on top creating an entirely new image. Interesting and fresh.


mav said...

how kind of you to post about my work. thank you so much! mav

Modern Craft said...

my pleasure--- it's a privilege to see your beautiful new work!