Monday, March 3

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf's photographs are fascinating. He's created multiple series of photos in China, documenting toy factories street subjects, and these artists. As someone who travels there, I'm intrigued by how he sees the frantic industrial and social revolution that's happening there. I'm especially interested in his Real Fake Pictures series: Outside of Shezhen in Southern China, there is an "art village" called Dafen full of copy artists, who reproduce any work of art by hand. Populated by extremely talented art students and technicians, this village is home to a thriving knock-off art market. I'm really interested in going there. (NOTE: Turns out, I am going there in April). Here are some of Wolf's photos of the copy artist community from his series "Real Fake Pictures (2006)." Michael Wolf. From the top, Gerhard Richter, Roy Lichtenstein, Chuck Close.

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molly said...

thats completely fascinating.