Wednesday, March 26

Maira Kalman

I feel like a broken record but how can you resist the style and substance of Maira Kalman. There are a few people I don't actually know but who I feel are already my friends-- you know, people you think you understand through their work and you admire them and think things like, Oh sure, Maira would love that. A presumption I know, but Kalman's work has an intimacy that speaks to me like a friend. Lori Pickert of the Inspiration Boards blog has a great interview with Maira this week. If you're a fan you'll love hearing from this incredible artist.Buy Kalman's latest collection.


Lori Pickert said...

thanks so much for mentioning the interview!

Patrick David Anderson said...

She's pretty great. I was just browsing and noticed your blog. I feel the same way about artists I like as well.

Twisty said...

I meant to tell you that right after I read this post, I went over to a friend's house and she was so excited. Someone had just given her a copy of Elements of Style illustrated by Kalman.