Tuesday, March 11

Color Chart Exhibition at MoMA

Today I'd like to take off and go to MoMA to see this new exhibit called Color Chart. This exhibition "takes as its point of departure the commercail color chart, an item that openly declares the status of color as mass-produced and standardized." There are 44 artists here, who abandoned the idea that colors held spiritual or emotional powers and treated color simply as a commodity. I don't know if they were right-- these pieces feel emotional and powerful to me. Still it's fascinating. This is where I'd like to be right now. (From top: Warhol, Jim Lambie, Mike Kelley, Gerhard Richter)


molly said...

i was just looking at every artists edition on line today and was so inspired!

Tessa said...

i would really love to see this exhibit! it's an interesting take on what colour means, something you don't often have to think about.