Thursday, February 21

Tauba Auerbach

Wow---I really love Auerbach's work, and would love to have one of her pieces in my home. Sadly, that home needs a new roof, my kids must go to summer camp, and we're considering a bathroom remodel. (It's time.) But I love her work, I'm compelled to look at it again and again. I love the artful approach to type-- the dominance of letters in her work. Look at this letter A. That's ink on paper. Beautiful. A new favorite for me. See more.


my love for you. said...

oh, tauba.
i missed her show at jack hanley in sf last yr.
probably one of the worst decisions of my life. :)
she was giving out these AMAZING humongous buttons. everyone i know has one...i often think about those buttons like a jilted lover.

rui vitorino santos said...


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