Friday, August 10


You know how I am about screen prints these days. This Australian company is making interesting and arresting screen prints on tea towls (and aprons, and “Lapkins” etc). These designs are terrific-- each a little canvas. Once again, silkscreening shows its force. The idea of finding art in "the most domestic of circumstances" really appeals to me. One reason I think Swedish design is so great, for instance, is their integration of design into all objects, whether it be telephones, or blankets, or chopsticks. Third Drawer Down expresses the same idea. From their website: Third Drawer Down: Where Do You Keep Yours?

By placing art into the most domestic of circumstances, Third Drawer Down® products promote an ongoing
dialogue between art and everyday life, whilst promoting the work of International Artists and Designers.
Third Drawer Down® reproduces artwork by contemporary Australian and International Artists as Limited Edition
screen prints onto 100% finest quality materials. This ongoing project explores the multiplicity of domestic items,
and the long history of Linen as a cherished gift and souvenir.

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