Friday, August 24

LINDA & HARRIETT Handmade Cards

These notecards and invitations are all letterpressed with hand-stamped names-- a technique that creates a very handmade feel. Linda & Harriett is another example of a company born from an individual desire to create and design-- Liz Coulson Libre thought she could offer more than answering phones and photocopying, so she began designing and voila! A new company. Very inspiring. Don't we dream of this? My favorite pieces are the personalized kid cards. See more on the official website.


Ginny said...

Hey Jim...Sheryl sent me a link to your blog and it's terrific. I'll put it on my regular roster of things to check out. Ginny Holbert

Liz Libré said...


Thanks for posting on my little company, Linda & Harriett! Just a small fyi, the cards are letterpressed and the names are hand-stamped. Thanks so much for the shout out. Love your other posts!